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November 9th, 2004:   Dr. Childers and 23 of his friends gathered at a luncheon in Gainesville, Florida to celebrate his 94th birthday.  Over 40 years have passed since he suffered arthritis so debilitating that he couldn't even walk.  After discovering the link between nightshades and arthritis, he recovered and has spent much of years helping others with their arthritis problems.  Doc is still standing straight and moving around without any difficulty-- you would never guess he's only a few years shy of 100.  He's also still working in the horticultural field and doesn't ever seem to slow down.   

Dr. Childers (center, standing) is joined by some of his many friends at luncheon in honor of his 94th birthday at the Campus Hilton.

Dr. Childers with Abbie Fox of the laboratory science staff at UF. She took the photos except this one, which was taken by Kim Cordasco.

Dr. Childers with Dr. Dan Cantliffe, Head of the Horticulture Sciences Department at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl.