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We understand that it is hard to believe the major drug companies are interested more in money than in actual healing and that they would rather sell pain medications than help solve the root of the arthritis problem.  They have tried to suppress and discredit Dr. Childers' Diet for many years and support the National Arthritis Foundation's recommendation of drug therapy.  Many United States residents without medical insurance purchase their prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies due to the Canadian Government's price controls which limit the amount the drug companies can charge for their products.  These major companies have banded together in an attempt to limit Canada's supply of prescription medications solely for the purpose of selling to the American consumer at an inflated price.  Profit motivation?  If you are not aware of this situation, please read the two articles below.

Canada's Internet pharmacies hurting from industry steps to halt U.S. sales 

AstraZeneca acts to curb drug sales to U.S. via Canada