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Excess Pills!
Dr. Norman F. Childers

Hope is that a given pill would need to be taken only temporarily.  Experts in geriatrics find that the elderly are often taking so many pills their bodies become susceptible to sleeplessness, confusion, dizziness, wobbling, stumbling and falling, memory loss, and incompetence.  Doctors may refer to it as the "aging process," when actually the pills are at fault, sending them prematurely to the nursing homes.
Dr. Jerry Avon of Harvard Medical School has said, with age, kidney and liver efficiency declines, lessening the body's ability to excrete drugs.  Drug dosages safe at 50 may be dangerous at 70 years.  There is also a change in sensitivity to drugs with age.  You should purchase all drugs and vitamins from the same pharmacy so you will have a complete list, in case a doctor inquires.  But let's try to solve the needs for drugs.  People on the "No Nightshades" Diet find a great reduction in need for drugs, if any.

Please read the Reuters article on the effects of drugs being mistaken for dementia.