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Anna Nann
La Canada, CA

I have been telling everyone about the Diet.  Some try it and tell me it works very well.  Others try it and thing nothing good has happened to them, until they go back to the nightshades and get the pain anew.  Some refuse to try it as they just don't believe food can be the problem.  I was trying your Diet about three years ago, read your book with recipes, and decided to go the whole nine yards.  It was successful almost immediately.  My son-in-law had been blaming the "weather," but I no longer worry about the weather.  It is only when I slip and get pain and tingling in my feet and legs.  Before the Diet, I began to experience peripheral neuralgia when I was treated for cancer in the Hoxey Clinic in Mexico.  The cancer was brought under control with no indications of recurrence.  However, I experienced at that time a numbing of my toes which increased with time till my feet were numb.  I checked every angle and now believe it was the nightshades and maybe the pills with calcium and vitamin D3 I was consuming at that time.  When I eliminated the nightshades, I found improvement.  I am feeling better all the time.  Finally located milk without vitamin D3 at an organic farm.  Everyone is amazed at my health.  I'm back to wearing my old "tight" shoes and the bunion that was developing on my left foot has stopped "growing."  I don't know if there is a correlation but my diabetes is so corrected that I no longer use the oral medication prescribed for it.  I believe that since my body no longer has to fight off the nightshade toxins it can concentrate on better absorption of my food.  At any rate, my sugar is no longer a problem.  I watch carefully what I eat and my exercise.  I'll need another 8 books to satisfy my friends and relatives.  Those six you sent went fast and I was still talking.