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Barbara Yannatti
Bethesda, MD

My problem for the past two years has been osteoarthritis in my right hand- mainly the ring finger.  I'm only 32 years old.  My chiropractor had me ding hand exercises which helped the flexibility and strength of the finger but the pain moved to my right elbow and shoulder.  I have tried a supplemental drug program ad taken the chondroitin-glocosamine pills- but no results with either.  I have been on the Childers' Diet for three months and notice the pain is gone, my mind is clearer (no nightshade drugs) and there seems to be a loosening up of all my joints.  In fact my whole system seems more positive.  I'm very optimistic about this approach.  I often have a nightmare of getting a big mouthful of paprika.  On an 18 hour plane trip, I lost tract of what the attendants were feeding me and the result was catastrophic.  I came across an article about MSM (methyl-sulfonylmethane), and ordered some (1-800-678-7860) which brought me out of my misery in three days.  I tell you about it since I was relieved of suffering while waiting for the nightshades to get out of my system.  If others should have this problem, maybe they could get this temporary help too.  But I won't let this happen to me again!  Hope your work is going well.