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Celeste Obermiller
Stuart, Florida

I have been on the "way-of-life" Diet, as I call it, for only two months.  I shall never go off it!  I have a lot of improvement in arthritis and also my digestive system.  I have had arthritis in my left hip and knee for four years at least.  It was getting worse as I would not go to the doctor for fear of their medicine.  My use of Tylenol is way down.  I used to take it night and day for pain.  I read about you in "Vegetarian Times" and got your book immediately.  It is now three months on the "way-of-life" and still improving.  I have not deviated mouthful of nightshades since reading your book.  I now have little or no pain and my limping is about gone.  My bouts of diarrhea and constipation were getting worse, but "surprise, surprise" - they're gone!  This is a rich coating on an already delicious cake.  Incidentally, I used to be known as the "baked potato/spaghetti kid" as I practically lived on those foods.  Never again!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'm spreading the news to everyone who will listen.  God bless you in your life and work.