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Edith Kaplan
Sarasota, FL

In 1986 I had been on the Diet for 6 years and was dancing, biking, gardening, and full of pep.  I was 46 and Howie, 51.  Your Diet and my commitment to it have given me a quality of life I could not possibly have imagined 16 years ago.  I'd suffered severe allergy problems all of my life, was a heavy smoker and nightshade consumer and, by age 40, was a mess.  I could barely turn my head enough to check for oncoming cars when merging onto a highway.  I awoke in the mornings so stiff and achy that it took until midday for me to feel "human", and by evening was exhausted from the return of the pain and stiffness.  Our family ritual included eating at an Italian restaurant every Friday evening.  My favorite was eggplant parmegiana with pasta and sauce on the side.  Most Saturdays were spent sleeping and dragging myself around the house.  I thought I was tired from working, parenting, and wifing.  By the time I discovered the Diet, I was at the end of my rope.  No longer could I enjoy any activities I'd always loved, such as gardening, dancing, and home repairs.  Even my sex life was affected due to the overall pain and stiffness.  I was old before my time.  I learned about the Diet form an artist friend whose arthritis had been so bad she could no longer raise her arm enough to paint.  When we met she had been on the Diet for about a year and was virtually symptom-free, and had resumed painting.  Somewhat skeptical, but nevertheless willing to try anything, I began the program in 1980... shortly before my 40th birthday.  Within a few weeks I noticed a diminishing of the pain and inflammation.  After about four to six months, I too was almost symptom free.  My health and well-being improved to where I began to do aerobic dancing twice a week, returned to bike riding and gardening (and sex) and found a new lease on life.  My husband and I relocated to Sarasota, Florida in December 1990.  In March 1991 we attended your talk at the Holiday Inn, Longboat Key, and learned about the Vitamin A palmitate and D in margarine.  I gave that up and within a few days the last remnants of my problem, aching feet, disappeared.  Today, I work forty hours a week as a rental assistant at a five-star resort, have my own massage therapy on the side, have boundless energy, and am living life to its fullest.  I share with many people the saga of my personal triumph over arthritis and refer to you as "my guru!"  My check for $50 is for a new book (please sign it for me), plus a contribution towards the Newsletters and whatever else you can squeeze out of it.  Keep up your wonderful work.  We tell all who will listen about the Diet.  Some, of course, won't listen!  Thank you, keep it up and God bless you many times over.

PS- My husband did well on the program 'till he started a weight-loss diet and resumed eating white potatoes.  He is facing laser surgery on his gums and has sustained some bone loss of the jaw.