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Ms. Helen Dalaker
Chicago, Illinois

At age 75 I am still free of arthritis and still on the Diet, and I'm generally doing fine.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to help my two sisters.  One passed away in 1992 after years of misery.  She told me at times she wanted to die.  The other has had her right hip replaced.  Now she needs to have her left hip replaced, but the doctor cannot do it because of her stroke years ago.  They both tried the No-nightshades Diet, but could not resist all those foods that taste so good.  They were both overweight and had no will power.  Such folks cannot be helped for they are unable to help themselves.  But I was desperate and did not want to live that way.  There are many doctors who leave their profession because of their arthritis.  And there are people who will not try any diet because doctors have told them no diet will help.  Doctors say arthritis is what old folks get after years of wear and tear on the joints.  Thank you for asking for my photo.  I am glad to stand up, give my name and be counted as one who has benefited so much from the Diet.  I want to help others.