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My son attended one of your Sigma Xi lectures at the University of Florida branch, Pensacola, FL in 1984, I believe.  I showed the flyer to my doctor, who at the time was treating my arthritis.  He suggested that I try your Diet, indicating that "it certainly can't hurt you."  Arthritis in my hands was painful.  I could not make a fist and at night I wrapped my hands in an electric heating pad to relieve the pain so I could sleep.  Within 9 months of the Diet, the swelling was gone, I could make a fist and the pain was gone.  For 14 years now, I have continued the Diet and remain free of arthritis.  My plans are to continue the Diet the rest of my life.  My husband and I are continuing a very active lifestyle here in the retirement Freedom Village near Bradenton, FL.  We take a walk every morning before breakfast- I for a mile, he for two miles.  He also gets in 24 laps swimming in the pool three afternoons a week.  And we dance once or twice a week.  I was 84 last August and Charlie will be 86 this coming January.

Kathryn Sahrbeck
Bradenton, FL