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I have read your book cover to cover immediately on getting it.  I have been a serious offender of the nightshades all my life with almost daily consumption of potato, tomato, every kind of pepper, and an occasional eggplant.  Vodka, made from potato, is the only liquor I drink- pure, with no ice.  With my daily vitamins and at least 64 oz. of distilled water, I thought I was doing great.  I even exercised with a licensed weight trainer twice a week.  BUT, when I got you on the phone last week I had been in bed for two weeks, propped up with pillows and a heating pad to ease the unbearable pain.  No restful sleep in four weeks, but I still worked, traveling by plane and trying to look 100% healthful.  I am an interior designer, mainly for commercial concerns.  It all sounds rather easy and I want to help others.
It has been over five weeks since we first spoke.  I am extremely devoted to the No-Nightshades Diet.  For someone that lived on and loved the nightshade foods, to my surprise, this has been very easy to do.  I enjoy good healthy meals everyday and a very good variety of foods.  When I first spoke to you, I could hardly stand the pain I was experiencing.  There seemed to be no end in sight and every hour
seemed to bring on more and more pain in more joints.  As I look back, all of this was coming on for over two years.  I am so active that I just put up with everything to keep my busy lifestyle going smoothly and lived on Motrin, Bufferin, Tylenol, or anything that would allow me to function.  Yes, I put up with it all till the pain became so intense that I could no longer function at all.  My life came to a halt.  Isn't it funny, Dr. Childers, the best way that I could describe the pain to anyone was to say that I felt like I was slowly being poisoned since I was such a healthy person.  As it turns out I actually was being slowly poisoned by the nightshades.
After only five weeks since you helped me, I am feeling remarkably better by the day.  Pain seems to just melt away as each day goes by. I never want to even come close to experiencing that pain again and if that means having to give up the nightshade foods- that is a small price to pay.
I try to teach and help as many as will listen to me about the nightshade foods.  It is amazing how many of us do not have any knowledge of this.  I am sure the Arthritis Foundation would not want me on their staff.  Hospitals and doctors are making billions treating the pain.  Pharmacists and pharmaceutical drug houses would lose billions.  No wonder nobody wants to share your information.
I will stay in touch and tell you how healthy I am getting.  I know soon that I will be free of all the nightshade poison in my body.  Thank you again and again for the kindness you shared with me.
Happy New Year!

Patricia Ann Franklin
Strongsville, OH