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Pearl Greenberg, Ed.D.
Union, NJ

In her many contacts with the Foundation, Prof. Pearl Greenberg, for almost 30 years a Fine Arts teacher at Kean College, Union, NJ; a Distinguished Fellow in The National Art Education Association; and author of many books and technical papers is without a doubt, one of our most staunch Diet supporters.  Everywhere she goes she carries a handout sheet to give to apparent sufferers.  In foreign travels she claims to have converts numbering 3-5 in each country who correspond with her.  She tells about bad experiences with the nightshades in Turkey, Lebanon, and Mexico.  Here is part of her story.

"After mopping up spilled juice from the table I bent to do the same on the tiled floor, only to have my nephew insist that he do the bending.  My reaction, "No, let me do it! I'm so pleased to be able to bend with such ease."  A few years ago I assumed I'd never be able to bend without terrible pain.
"On November21, 1978 I had completed a series of introductory examinations at a chiropractor's office and was given a recommended treatment plan of active care involving 3 visits a week for 24 visits.  These included diathermy, ultrasound, and manipulation.  I was told to limit what I lifted to 5 lbs. and to avoid extreme positions, to do no heavy household chores, none of which I could possibly have done in light of my terrible back pains as well as sciatica of my left leg down to the ankle.  The X-rays indicated arthritis of my spine.  My muscle tone was poor, my range of motion was below normal, and my pains excruciating.
"I had had previous bouts with back pain, some as long ago as months after the birth of my son in 1949.  After some adjustments, including the wearing of a heel pad in my left shoe, I gradually felt better.  Years passed with off-and-on back problems, but it was not until 1978, almost 30 years from the date of the first bad attack that it returned with a vengeance.
"I had changed my diet drastically in the mid-60's -cut back sugar and salt, cut back on coffee about 90% and was taking vitamins under the care of a wonderful medical nutritionist.  Why should this happen, I wondered, when I was more "in charge" of myself than ever before?  My pain was so bad that turning in bed at night was close to impossible.  Sitting and standing during the day was a chore.  My husband began to adjust to hearing me moaning and groaning with pain!
What to do?  After 2-3 months of agony I met someone who suggested a good chiropractor who is also a nutritionist.  The original treatment plan was extended from the original 24 visits, but there was only minor improvement.  The medical nutritionist I was seeing retired, and I was at a loss as to my next step in more ways than one!"

Carlton Fredericks PhD, saved the day.  "I'd listened to Carlton Fredericks for many years and it was he who saved the day for me when he discussed the "no-nightshade" diet on his radio program.  Dr. Norman F. Childers (Childers' Diet To Stop Arthritis) found that he had more pains during the tomato growing season when he ate more than his usual percentage of tomatoes.  He noted the "family" members of tomatoes, eggplants, white potatoes, red and green peppers (including cayenne and paprika), and tobacco were all part of the nightshade family.  His ongoing research has shown that there are many people who cannot cope with the nightshades without having pain.
"As soon as I heard this I vowed not to eat any of these foods, to test myself.  Within 3 weeks my pains subsided about 75% and as the weeks passed I was up to 90-95% pain free.  It created all kinds of problems in my social life.  Eating out was difficult because I had to make certain no nightshades were in any foods I ordered.  Eating at the homes of friends was equally difficult; sometimes I had to limit myself to one course of the many served!
"Some time ago, eating with friends in a Lebanese restaurant I forgot to say "no paprika" when ordering hummus.  I quickly decided not to make a fuss about it and ate it with gusto.  My fish (without paprika on it) was stuffed with green pepper and cheese!  After tasting one spoonful I ate no more.  But this was enough to put me flat on my back for two days about 18 hours after completing dinner!  One other experience of a similar nature showed me that this diet was the answer to my pains.  What better proof did I need.
"I have a fairly good diet, under the care of another medical nutritionist, I do some exercise, but the major reason I'm avoiding pains almost 100% is the fact that the nightshades and my system just are not meant for each other!"

Pearl Greenberg, Ed.D.
Union, NJ

*Pearl Greenberg has been in touch with the Foundation since the beginning.  The late Dr. Carlton Fredericks, famous on Radio WOR in New York City, saved her a lot of pain and crippling by telling his millions of listeners on many occasions about the Childers' "Diet To Stop Arthritis."  Dr. Childers and his wife, Martha, visited her and a former student (also on the Diet) in October of 1992.