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Cancer- My Experience
Dr. Norman F. Childers

The longer I keep going without cancer (knocking on wood) in my 90's, the more I'm convinced that most forms of cancer other than from tobacco, could be coming from its "brothers and sisters" in the tobacco family (Solanaceae) the tomato, potato, eggplant, and peppers of all kinds (with the exception of black and white pepper).  All of the plants listed above have mild drugs, like those in tobacco, and contain similar glycoalkaloids.  Plants in this family all contain many viruses which the growers must fight.  This Foundation may be coming close to a key cause of cancer.  I have suggested to the American Cancer Institute that they research the nightshades.  No response.  As we know, the tomato was historically called "the cancer apple" which was based only on observations.  My parents both died of cancer around 80 years of age- kidney and pancreatic.  They were regular consumers of tomatoes and potatoes and both were non-smokers.  For several years, I have been advising cooperators "If you want to avoid cancer, your best bet is to avoid the nightshades" and reap many other benefits too.  I, unfortunately, have become a little cynical.  Organizations and people responsible for "trying" to solve arthritis, cancer, and other serious diseases have shown little interest in our Diet.  In fact, they have adversely criticized us to put us down.  What's the problem?  Could the Diet reduce their income? 

We have been studying the correlation between nightshades and health for some time now.  Does it work?  Yes!  Does it take effort?  Yes!  But the resulting good health is well worth it!