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"The Diet Doesn't Work!"
Dr. Norman F. Childers

You have tried the Diet a few weeks, three months, maybe even longer- and "it didn't work!"  Were you really on the Diet?  Was it too easy to sample potato occasionally, or a slice of luscious tomato, or just a bit of hot pepper- "but that little bit shouldn't create a problem!" But it does, if you have been eating one or all of these regularly in the past.  You are sensitive to these foods, even though you have gotten a little potato starch or paprika in canned soups (don't forget to read the labels).  Maybe you are still eating yogurt for "good health" (some brands contain potato starch), or margarine (palmitate ester vitamin A), or a little low-fat milk on breakfast cereal every morning (vitamins A and D), or eating a lot of fresh fruits every day (may get a batch with too much synthetic pesticide).  Government agencies are still monitoring fresh products with success but it takes time to convince some growers to be careful to treat according to label instructions).  Try canned fruit such as pears and peaches for awhile but be aware that many have corn syrup added as a sweetener and it may happen to contain the Bt insecticide gene (see Bt gene on this website).  Be sure to read the Diet book instructions carefully, read labels, and stay with the Diet as rigidly as possible.  There will be ups and downs, but be patient and stay with it.  Gradually and eventually it will begin to pay off.  Some cooperators will tell you it took five months, 9 months, or maybe a year or two to become largely free from pains and crippling.  A lot depends on your initial problem- the bigger the problem, the longer it takes the body to adjust.