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Dr. Norman F. Childers

The term, fibromyalgia, is being used frequently today by doctors.  The sudden health problems of Vice-President Dick Cheney, former President Jerry Ford, Janet Reno, and President George W. Bush shown on TV all were thought by doctors to be a stroke, fibromyalgia, or both.  All recovered shortly with no problems since.  Merck's Manual describes this disease, related to arthritis, as rheumatic pain and stiffness in fibrous tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues.  Ian K. Smith, M.D. from Alabama reported in a March 2001 issue of TIME magazine that a number of fibromyalgia cases had been coming to his office.  He pin-pointed major joint areas of the body where pain, stiffness, and swelling may occur; along with difficulty in getting out of bed in the mornings, continually tired, and just wanting to rest.  Dr. Smith was uncertain of relief suggestions except to massage the areas, force themselves to exercise, and get rest.  His descriptions seem to match mine for problems with the Bt gene toxin which was switched by genetic engineers to some corn, soybeans, cotton, etc. as I described in our 1999 and 2001 Newsletters and elsewhere on this web site.  You are continually tired, want to sit down, lie down, rest, do nothing, sight and hearing affected with possibly inflamed sore red swollen hand(s) or legs, stiffness in walking, some stomach discomfort, an occasional cough, and maybe a sudden difficulty in getting up and walking.  This may last for two or three days until the toxin can be "washed through" by drinking extra water.  The farmers are happy with this insecticidal gene in their crops to reduce spray costs and get better quality.  But how about us consumers who have to eat the same food that killed insects in the field?  It was a stupid mistake by laboratory scientists!  It is hoped that government agencies will force US and Canadian eateries and food companies to abandon these foods and use only those which are free of this toxin.