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Below is an archive of past news stories which we found relevant to the topics posted on the web site.  If you have any stories, please feel free to email them to us.

Effects of Drugs Mistaken for Dementia (Reuters) 8-31-2000

Study: Biotech Corn Kills Monarch (AP) 8-21-2000

U.S. biotech food rules likely to get tighter (Reuters) 8-17-2000

Gene-Altered U.S. Wheat Coming But Who Will Buy It? (Reuters) 8-16-2000

Brazil Pulls Unlabelled Genetically Modified Food From Shelves (Reuters) 8-14-2000

G8 Calls on Science in Annual GM Food Fight (Reuters) 7-23-2000

Corn Growers Assert That Increased Corn Yields Is the Wrong Reason To Plant Genetically Modified Corn (PRNewswire) 7-20-2000

Green Groups Target Campbell Soup in GM Food Fight (Reuters) 7-19-2000

Brazil agency halts GM research at Monsanto unit (Reuters) 7-13-2000

Experts Lament Biotech Food State (AP) 7-11-2000

Sask. Farmer Tells Trial He Didn't Use Roundup Resistant Canola (CP) 6-13-2000

EU To Pay for Contaminated Crops (AP) 6-9-2000

German Scientist Finds GM Genes Can Jump Species (Reuters) 5-29-2000

New Restrictions on Biotech Corn (AP) 1-16-2000

Gene-Modified Corn Insecticide in Soil (Reuters) 12-1-1999