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Can Osteoarthritis be improved or "cured?"
Dr. Norman F. Childers

Yes, it does seem possible.  As editor of the Newsletter I seem to have accomplished it.  My back, arms, and legs are currently strong and joints and movement seems OK.  I'm only one person but this may be of interest to others wanting to try it!

In 45 years of studying nutrition, arthritis, and other health problems, we know that the first step is to avoid the nightshades.  This will slow or stop the deterioration of the bone system.  And it is hoped that the Bt gene will be removed from human foods and drinks.  Step number two is to try to build back needed minerals in the bones.  Be aware that it took many years to subtly weaken your bone system and it will take time to repair the bones and joints.  Patience is needed.  It may take four or 5 years to begin to see and feel a difference- perhaps ten years to see a significant difference, but it is sure worth a try.

Major minerals needed are calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  Phosphorous is also needed, along with minor elements.  There are no phosphorous pills on the market- it can be toxic if improperly used.  Phosphorous is the key ingredient in insecticides as organophosphates.  You generally get your supply from a variety of foods and drinks.  On the market shelf you will find Ca, Mg, and K (potassium) for sale alone in bottles or in combinations, as Ca/Mg with possibly zinc and potassium alone as a gluconate.  The multivitamin/mineral pill is complete also with the major and needed minor elements but it has too much synthetic vitamin A which we are trying to avoid (see page 42 in the Diet book).  More than two pills a week may cause some people aches or pains.  Walgreen's Drug store now has a multimineral pill that is better.  One of these pills along with a vitamin E pill daily, alternated with a potassium pill and a glucosamine/chondroitin pill is suggested for a month or two, then rest awhile and go back to the routine.  This is a program of building back your bones and tendons and it will start as soon as you start the program but you may not see a difference for several months.  Be patient.  Stay with it more or less in your later years.  By testing, try to build your own comfortable health program free from aches and pains.  Try to avoid getting into taking a massive load of daily pills that may cause more problems than they solve.  As with plants, it seems that if we supply the minerals needed in a diet, the body frequently will develop the other chemicals it normally needs.