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Pectin Shown to Reduce Plaque Accumulation

  Dr. Cerda

Dr. James J. Cerda of the University of Florida Medical College, Gainesville, has shown the high importance of pectin in grapefruit for reducing cholesterol and plaque accumulation in the aorta blood vessel of miniature swine (below).  The microswine were fed a high-fat diet (6 to 12 fold of normal fat intake) for 360 days.  Then, half the swine were fed a diet with 3% pectin substituted for cellulose (fiber); the other half continued the high fat diet.  After 9 months, the swine were killed and examined
Figure A.  Vessel is almost cleared on the pectin-added diet.
Pigs are more like humans that other farm livestock.  A grapefruit a day could be a good idea for people over 50 years.  Or, 'ProFibe' is a powdered pectin on the market.
Figure B.  Crosscut of aorta near heart showing continued high-fat diet vessel clogged with plaque accumulation.  This pig is about ready to die!