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Relief at 90 Years!
Note:  Over the years, many seniors have asked if they could be helped by the Diet even though they were in their upper years.  Here is a lady, who at 90 years, found the Diet to be beneficial.

I have been off all of the nightshades for almost a year.  I'm delighted to say the results are amazing.  Arthritis was centered mainly in my knees and fingers which stiffened up and I had difficulty doing almost anything.  Now I can wiggle my fingers easily and am back to knitting and crocheting.  What a relief!  I'll never give up this Diet, not even for the temptation of my favorite vegetable.  My knee pained me a lot, was swollen big and had to be replaced.  Now I can walk again.  I am a delighted 90-year-old lady this month.  Your book has been wonderful.  You have helped so very many of us.

Marion K. Palmer
Ellenton, FL