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Tomatoes Control Cancer?
Dr. Norman F. Childers, Ph.D.

We are seeing a marked increase in tomato consumption.  This is apparently due to a paper published by Dr. Edward Giovannucci of The Harvard Medical School.  He searched the literature and found 35 of 72 papers having "significant data" on the relation of tomato consumption to benefiting many forms of cancer.  His paper and the 72 papers he reviewed need to be checked by other researchers for careful evaluation.  This is a very important conclusion which sales outlets are pushing vigorously.  He claims the important controlling factor is Lycopene (a red crystalline hydrocarbon which is the chemical that makes the tomato red; it is isometric with carotene).  Of course, there are many other healthful constituents in tomatoes such as high levels of vitamin C and pectin, along with low sodium, sugar, and cholesterol.  However, no reference is made to the health limitations of tomato  in arthritis and other health problems listed in our Diet book.    Recent TV news noted 10 million new cancer cases in the United States alone- in the old days, tomato was called the "cancer apple," based on observation only.  It would be wise for you not to go back to eating tomato and tomato products again.