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An Apparent Relation of Nightshades(Solanaceae) to Arthritis

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Vitamin D3 and Human Consumption- excess vitamin D, mainly D3, can increase the loss of calcium from bone structure.  
Vitamin D3 and Merck's Manual- newer editions of Merck's Manual are warning against excess Vitamin D.

Osteoarthrits Chemicals & The Diet:  Glucosamine and Chondroitin- These two compounds may offer added benefits when used in conjunction with the Diet.

Excess Pills!- it is very important to note that certain drugs can produce side-effects which could be mistaken for dementia in the elderly.

Pectin Shown to Reduce Plaque Accumulation- pectin in grapefruit has been proven to reduce cholesterol and plaque accumulation in blood vessels.

Pets Get Arthritis- pet foods often include the very active vitamin D3 and palmitate ester vitamin A, which cooperator surveys have shown tend to aggravate osteoarthritis.

Can Ulcerated Colitis be Helped?- in some cases the Diet has alleviated this problem.

Coffee and Cholinesterase Inhibitors- cholinesterase inhibitors are also present in coffee and will cause stiffness and aches.

Nicotine in Vegetables- some vegetables naturally contain this addictive compound.

Cheese- it may be wise to avoid or minimize most cheeses.

Mint can be a problem for some- cases of mint sensitivity have been reported.