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Kenneth & Sandra Brown
Nampa, Idaho

Greetings from the great "Potato State."  You should be receiving many letters from here, considering the number of crippled bodies I see in the marketplace.  I had your 1977 first edition book while working in a health store in Las Vegas where I was also a marathon runner.  I was eating practically zero nightshades at that time after coming from Hawaii- rice, rice, rice.  Your early book was interesting as I remembered eating potatoes daily back in my childhood on our Iowa farm.  And a lot of tomatoes in summer.  My father had terrible crippling arthritis with water on his knees (Ed.:  Dropsy, common with heavy potato consumption) and bowing of his legs (Ed.:  thinning of the bones) with much pain.  Now at 59 (my husband too), 20 years later in Idaho, I was back on potatoes and tomatoes.  True also of my husband, born in Idaho, whose fingers are gnarled with arthritis, much worse than mine, bad back, actually shrunk in height but not stooped.  He eats all that stuff- heavy on chili, pizzas, and potatoes daily.  Most of his numerous relatives in Idaho have arthritis and cataract operations.  Back in April this year I ran onto your '77 book edition way back on the shelf and said, "Hey, maybe this is our problem."  I got your latest edition and was happy to see that you were 87 and still going.  Both of us have had an abundance of moles.  I have had numerous fatty lumps in my muscles and wondered if others have reported this (Ed.:  yes, a lady in California lost the fatty loose tissue under her arms; 1997 Newsletter).  Looking back, the pain and swelling seemed to be in proportion with the potatoes consumed.  Peanuts are dynamite to me, causing frightening heart palpitations.  Some vitamin pills seem to tire me.  Yes indeed, some people will listen to my message but refuse to give up these lusts of the flesh.  So, you see I was suffering badly and both of us have already found great relief.  For the past 15 years in Idaho, I felt I was over-the-hill on roller skates.  Let me list a few of my problems for which I am seeing improvements:
(a) Dry, scaly, cracked skin on neck, arms, and legs
(b) heels and palms of hands dry, scaly, cracked
(c) painful bleeding hangnails on hands with knuckles rough, cracked, and bleeding
(d) with these conditions I could hardly get my nylon stockings on
(e) rectal bleeding from irritated fissures and hemorrhoidal masses
(f) difficulty in writing with a pen
(g) burning sensation in my stomach
(h) sore painful ankle joints that slowed my jogging
(I) proliferation of moles (that could lead to cancer)
(j) strange wart-like oozing acidity, skin eruptions
(k) low back pain, sometimes excruciating
(m) fatty tumors in my legs and arms that often swelled with pain.
It's tomato season around here and workers are bringing in excess tomatoes from their gardens to pass around the office.  I just look at them and think "pain."  Both of us are continuing to improve with much less pain.  God bless you and your contributions to sufferers.  Keep it up!

Sandra E. Brown
Nampa, ID