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Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.
-Sarasota, FL
Melanie Craffey
New Milford, NJ
Pearl Greenberg
-Union, NJ

Published  Research Paper: An Apparent Relation of Nightshades (Solanaceae) to Arthritis

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Dr. Childers is featured in the May 2005 issue of Fruit Grower Magazine.

He even made the cover!

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Dr. Childers celebrated his 94th birthday in October of 2004 with some friends in Gainesville.  Click Here For Pictures

The Number One Health Problem After almost 50 years of working with thousands of cooperators and seeing them change to a healthful life, it seems that Nightshades could be the number one health problem today...  more 
The Bt Gene & Genetically Modified Foods: Some cooperators have been reporting having symptoms while still rigidly maintaining The Diet.  Could this be the cause?  We have set up a special section devoted to the Bt-Gene and Genetically Modified (GM) foods
Cookbooks are Available!
Arthritis-Free Cooking by: Joan Vogel and Patricia Claudio, Hints on how to follow the Childers' Diet, how to substitute for the nightshades, how to adapt favorite recipes, and how to eat out. Contains 250 recipes.
· A quick word about the nightshades
· Tomatoes "Control" Cancer?
· Can the Diet help older people?
· "I tried the Diet and it didn't work"

Topics of Interest
U.S. Drug Companies Limiting
Canadian Supply

A profit-driven attempt to control the prescription drug market.
Could the Bt-Gene be responsible for the recent increase of this condition?
Will Avoiding Nightshades Help a Herniated Disc or 'Hot' Sciatica?
Read what Dr. John O.A. Pagano, Chiropractic Physician has discovered with his patients.
Can Osteoarthritis be improved or "cured" ?
Dr. Childers shares his personal experience.
The Important Vitamin D
Naturally occurring in the nightshades, it is important to not receive too much of this important vitamin.
Previous Topics...

Horticultural Textbooks by Dr. Childers*
The New Blueberry Book is Now Available! Blueberries The much requested update to Dr Childers' previous blueberry text.
The Strawberry Book is Now Available! The Strawberry The long awaited update to Dr Childers' previous strawberry text which was the standard for the industry.  A must have for those interested in strawberry cultivation.
peach.jpg (20073 bytes) Other Texts:
Modern Fruit Science
The Peach-world cultivars to marketing

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