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Ulcerated Colitis
Stathis G. Linardos

My brother Anthony on Long Island suffered for over 20 years with an ulcerated colon, a common problem.  He is now comfortably leading a healthful life which began about three days after starting the No-Nightshades Diet.  Below is a letter I sent to Ann Landers in hopes she would discuss this rather common problem, but no reply (Ed.:  Ann is not an M.D. and thus would not want to get involved)

I'm writing in hopes you will discuss ulcerated colitis and the help my brother got using the (unpopular) No-Nightshades Diet.  For years my brother had this problem which resulted in diarrhea and bleeding.  Steroids helped a little but the doctor noted there are side effects.  The doctor's only solution was to remove the colon and some of the small intestines, forcing him to use a bag the rest of his life (he is 60.)  He planned the operation in early '97 but a friend of mine told me about the No-Nightshades Diet stopping this problem for a friend of hers.  My brother went on this Diet and shortly after, the doctor could find no ulcers, no scars, and the colon healing.  My brother is now feeling wonderful and heading for Florida.  My library research reveals that petunia, Jerusalem cherry, angels trumpet, chalice vine, and night blooming Jessamine are all in the nightshade family of plants- Solanaceae.  My brother loved petunias, planting them every spring, and always ending up in the doctor's office.  The toxic alkaloids can enter through the skin.  Hyoscyamine in henbane and Jimson weed are highly toxic, a major source of atropine to dilate the eye pupil.  Mandrate (related to potato) a highly toxic narcotic, was used in history to alleviate pain during surgery.  People with ulcerated colitis are subject to diverticulitis, cancer, Chron's disease, surgery, and other serious problems.  No bacteria or virus association has been found for these problems.  Could nutrition be a factor, triggered by toxic effects of the nightshades?  My brother is in fine shape in September 1997.

Stathis G. Linardos
1864 Oakdale Ln.
Clearwater, FL  33764